muslimahMERICAN is a portmanteau that combines two words:

  • Muslimah – a Muslim person who identifies as a woman
  • American – Something of, from, or related to the United States of America

I’ve ordered the two words and used capitalization in a way that deliberately confuses which of the two is more important to my self-identity: ‘muslimah’ comes first, and ‘MERICAN’ is in all caps.

muslimahMERICAN.com is an autobiographical account of my personal ongoing religious journey throughout my lifetime. I was raised from infancy in a fundamentalist sect of Christianity, lost my religion in my young adulthood and then embraced Islam in my mid-20’s. Along this strange journey I’ve tested the bounds of identity, relationships and philosophy. It has made for a good story.

My goal at muslimahMERICAN.com is to be honest both with my readers and myself. Over the next year I’ll share details of my life and experiences that I still am not quite sure I understand. But share them I will, and I promise to spare no humiliating details. Perhaps in so doing I’ll help others learn to cherish and tell their own stories. Stories that may be kept hidden and locked away because they are considered ‘less than ideal’ representations of faith and family. Stories that are real and true, and deserve to be told.

When I’m finished with a year of blogging, I will select portions of my writing and publish them in a memoir.

Your support will help me maintain the cost of my website, hiring an editor & designer, and marketing my book when I am finished with it.

I’m available to speak to your community group or for interviews about my writing. You can contact me here.

Thank you.